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We at SPAZIO36 are constantly committed to researching and designing spaces that foster collaboration and creativity, always guaranteeing high standards of quality and innovation.

If you are looking for a unique location for an advertising campaign, for an important event in presence or in streaming, for a business meeting or for a temporary showroom, choose among the rental photographic studios proposed by SPAZIO36: style, perfect organization and quality are guaranteed!

Urban Oasis Loft

Spacious and charming former industrial loft equipped with a charming garden terrace. This unique location is perfect for photo and video shoots requiring an authentic and versatile atmosphere.

The interior features a harmonious combination of pastel colours, creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere. Every nook and cranny is meticulously designed, with touches of vintage and modern elements lending an eclectic charm to the ambience.

Natural light filters through the large windows and skylights, creating plays of light and continuity with the outdoor space.

The terrace with its garden offers an ideal space for settings requiring a natural backdrop.

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Renaissance Villa

This villa stands on the ruins of a castle recovered and enlarged in the seventeenth century and then remodeled at the end of the eighteenth century. The interiors are mostly decorated and frescoed with Renaissance motifs but there is no shortage of decorations with a typically neoclassical taste. The villa can be easily reached from Milan in just over half an hour.

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Modern Loft

Large and bright loft furnished in a modern style. Inserted in a former industrial context, it is ideal for photo shoots and video/film shoots with a modern and refined setting.

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Location Fabbrica

This former factory is a wonderful fusion of industrial past and contemporary design, creating an extraordinary setting for photo and video productions. Every detail has been precisely attended to, with a clear emphasis on geometry and an eye-catching aesthetic.

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Location Rational Geometry

This location combines industrial aesthetics with contemporary elegance, offering ample space, natural light and a private indoor garden. It is the ideal location for photo shoots, video productions and films seeking a unique and versatile backdrop. The interior spaces are flexible and can be adapted to different production requirements.

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(G)old Milan Location

A precious and elegant location in the center of Milan, ideal for making fashion or portrait shoots, interviews and video spots. Five communicating and independent spaces, inside a period building, also perfect as a temporary showroom or suitable for hosting exhibitions and presentations.

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Location Contemporary Domus

The house was renovated for the first time at the end of the 90s by a Milanese architect who had been able to transform an old factory into a dwelling where light is the real protagonist with great skill. Currently the house is spread over 4 levels, connected by a sculptural staircase that overlooks the large sloping window. It can be interpreted as a modern version of the Roman Domus, with its central courtyard surrounded by windows that look at each other. The interiors have been revisited, while keeping the layout almost unchanged, with the exception of a few small demolitions. Eclectic is the adjective that best describes the choices followed in the interiors: a succession of colorful environments, different from each other, as if they were small neighborhoods within a city, each characterized by its own spirit.

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Minimal Location

The location has a minimalist and contemporary style with very sophisticated furnishing elements. The space is characterised by the precise, geometric design of its lines, studied down to the smallest detail. It is ideal for staging commercials, advertising videos or interviews.

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Farmhouse SPA

A few kilometres from Milan stands this recently renovated farmhouse that has retained the rural style that characterises it. It is ideal for photographic and video/cinematographic productions, especially due to the presence of a large indoor area with a swimming pool and sauna that fits perfectly into the context. Inside the building there are also flats that can be used both as an operational base and for the overnight stay of production crews.

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Location Napoleone (15th-16th century)

Its origins date back to the 15th-16th century. In 1711 it was the residence of the castellan Giovanni Giacomo Paltro. At the end of the nineteenth century on the arch of the portico under the building there was the date of 1462, which in all probability refers to restoration and expansion works. Following the Treaty of Utrecht, the French armies of Napoleon arrived here too and, on June 5, 1797, signed peace with the Republic of Genoa right in the palace. It was between the late 1800s and early 1900s that Eng. Tornielli who renovated it in 1910 and furnished it with period furniture. Abandoned in 1960, it was restored in the 90s by the current owner with excellent results. Architecturally, the porticoed part is very beautiful, giving lightness to the building, opening it to the beautiful panorama in front of it, on the hills of Monferrato.

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Duomo View Location

A unique location, located in the heart of the city, with large windows that flood the spaces with natural light. There is also a large terrace that surrounds the location and offers a suggestive view of the Milan Cathedral.

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Ex Hunting estate

Built in 1838, it was the place where pheasants were bred and where the King of Italy went on his hunting trips. The location was renovated in the 1960s but has retained its historic charm, surrounded by greenery.

The rooms are very refined and cared for down to the smallest detail. It is ideal for photo/video productions and, thanks to the large outdoor garden with dehors and gazebos, is also very suitable for corporate events. The large hall on the ground floor overlooks the outdoor space, while on the upper floor there are three rooms and a small balcony overlooking the garden.

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Atelier Fantasia

The ATELIER FANTASIA is located in Milan within the former Lagomarsino industrial complex. It is a space dedicated to creative work and the exchange of ideas. It can be rented with or without equipment and materials / furnishings (daylight / flash, various types of lights, cameras, lenses, wind machine, screens, chairs, etc.). It is the ideal space to set photo shoots, video shoots, casting, exhibitions and shows.

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Artist Studio

A real and authentic artist’s studio/loft, a precious, bright and spacious atelier. The studio also has a terrace/garden full of greenery.

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Cascina Cuccagna

Eighteenth-century farmhouse located in the heart of Milan, behind Porta Romana. The ancient rooms create very suggestive atmospheres thanks to the recent conservative restoration that has been able to enhance historical materials and stratifications. In addition to the interior spaces divided into small and large rooms, the farmhouse offers terraces, courtyards and a large garden with a vegetable garden and grape pergolas.

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Antica Bottega (Sempione/Monumentale area)

Exhibition space and location in the northern Milan area. The vaulted ceilings and exposed bricks make it very characteristic and refined, in the Milanese workshop style (90 sqm).

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Location Antico Castello

A noble residence in the Oltrepò Pavese area, it was built towards the end of the 15th century in the fiefdom of the Beccaria, a noble and well-known Italian family, at the behest of Galeazzo Maria Sforza Visconti, Duke of Milan. In the following centuries the property belonged to various noble families. The castle has several very scenic rooms with arches, frescoed ceilings and large windows overlooking the surrounding plain. A unique place, suggestive and full of charm.

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