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Located in the heart of Milan, a stone’s throw from the most important fashion showrooms, SPAZIO36 is inserted in a post-industrial context of recovered lofts.

SPAZIO36 offers rental photographic studios and different types of unique locations where you can set photo shootsvideo and film shoots, virtual productions and live streams, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

Our spaces are also ideal for temporary showrooms, face-to-face and live streaming eventsworkshopscoursescastingspresentationsexhibitions.

The SPAZIO36 technical team is also at your disposal to accompany you throughout the workflow. Studio assistants, light and digital assistants, cameramen, set designers, streaming technicians, and so on. All strictly competent and very friendly!

Green Studios

SPAZIO36 has always considered nature as a primary source of inspiration for its activity. The modular, cooperative, distributed architecture without command centers typical of plants represents a reference point for our business organization. The “relationships” between the various components (modules) of being a plant teach us the importance of the connection between us and the rest of the world. For us at Spazio36, reality is relationship.

In addition, there are now numerous scientific studies showing that plants have beneficial effects not only on air quality but also on concentration and psychological well-being. This is why all our spaces host different species of plants: the simple sight of a plant brings calm and relaxation. To work and, above all, to live better.

Our commitment

In our studios, we have eliminated the use of single-use plastic products (such as bottles, cutlery, glasses) by replacing them with compostable or fully recyclable materials. In addition, to limit energy consumption on sets, we try to advise the various production teams on the latest energy-efficient technologies.

We help reduce our environmental impact by planting trees in different areas of the world through Treedom.


1- The world changes with ideas and with kindness.

2- We much prefer a smile to a “like”.

3- Relationships rule our world.

4- We have closed individualism in a drawer. Then, we threw away the key.

5- The key to success? Work hard and forget the keys.

6- Life is short, therefore, light.

7- 36 is a semi-perfect number as it is equal to the sum of some (or all) of its divisors. Fortunately, perfection does not exist.


1500sqm of Studios with different characteristics and sizes to satisfy every production need.


We at SPAZIO36 are constantly committed to researching and designing spaces that foster collaboration and creativity, always guaranteeing high standards of quality and innovation.

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